Personal Credit Application Terms and Conditions


Vintage Grocers Personal Credit Application Terms and Conditions 

By requesting and receiving, signing or using the Charge Card ("Card") issued by Vintage Grocers ("Vintage Grocers") for use by the person named thereon, each such person and any other person using the Card (collectively referred to as "Holder") jointly and severally agrees as follows: 

1.Holder shall be bound by all terms and conditions contained herein and on the Card, notwithstanding terms to the contrary on any sales slip signed by Holder.Holder here by agrees that unlessVintage Grocers is notified of the loss of theft of the Card under paragraph 3 here of, the person using the Card is authorized to charge purchases. Failure to have signed the reverse side of Card or any difference between the signature of the Card and the sales slip does not relieve Holder from responsibility to pay charges. Holder also agrees to pay all charges made or authorized by Holder on the Vintage Grocers account maintained tor the Card (the "Card Account") whether or not the Card was used.Vintage Grocers may modify such terms and conditions from time to time upon mailing written notice thereof to Holder at the address shown on Vintage Grocers' Charge records. 

2.Holder shall notify Vintage Grocers immediately in writing of any changes in address in address or phone number. 

3. Holder shall notifyVintage Grocers immediately either orally or in writing of the loss or theft of the Card. Notification must be given to Vintage Grocers' Corporate Office at 30745 Pacific Coast Hwy. #24, Malibu, CA 90265, or by telephone at (310) 457-2828.Holder will be held responsible for all charges made on the Card Account until Vintage Grocers receives such notice and has had a reasonable opportunity to act upon such instructions. 

4.The Card shall remain the property of Vintage Grocers who may at any time, without notice, and without in any away affecting Holder’s obligations to pay all amounts due to Vintage Grocers, cancel all credit available to Holder, revoke the Card, and refuse 

to allow any further purchases. Holder shall not transfer the Card, and agrees to surrender the Card upon Vintage Grocers’ demand. 

5.The separate property of any married person who signs the application will be liable for all obligations arising under the Card Account. 

6.In the event of (a) Holder's default in any payment when due,(b) Holder's death, bankruptcy, or insolvency, (c) levy against Holder or Holder's property, or (d) use of the Card in excess of the Holder's credit line, then, upon Vintage Grocers election and without notice, the entire amount of Holder's obligations to Vintage Grocers hereunder and under the Card Account shall become immediately due and payable, and Holder will pay all costs of collections, including reasonable attorney's fees and expenses. 

7.Vintage Grocers shall have the right to furnish information about this application and Holder's credit performance to other persons who may lawfully receive such information. 

8.Payments: The NewBalance for your account isDUE IN FULL15DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THE STATEMENT. Any partial payments made will be applied to your account, but any balance carried over from month to month will be considered past due and your account will become subject to a credit hold. 

9.Without adequate credit information, Vintage Grocers cannot authorize credit privileges.Each Holder agrees to allow Vintage Grocers to obtain such credit information from any credit source.These credit reports (also known as"consumer reports") may be requested in connection with this Application or any update, renewal or extension of any credit to Holder.Upon written request to Vintage Grocers, Holder will be told whether or not a credit report was requested and, if a credit report was requested, Holder will be told the name and address of the consumer reporting agency that furnished the report. If sufficient credit information cannot be obtained, each applicant agrees to furnish Vintage Grocers a complete financial statement upon request. Credit will be granted on the basis of net worth, ability to pay and past credit history.Vintage Grocers reserves the right to establish a maximum credit line for any Holder.