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School Tours at Vintage Grocers at The Promenade

Last week the Vintage Grocers Westlake at The Promenade hosted three classes of 1st Graders from Yerba Buena Elementary in Augora Hills. That's 60 sets of wide eyes checking out our store and finding out more about what it's like behind the scenes!

We began our tour in our colorful produce department talking about "Eating the Rainbow". The children were fasinated learning about the different colors of fruits and vegetables, how they get their colors and what part of the body each color worked to help keep healthy. They learned how to tell a fruit from a vegetable, and it's not just if it's green or if it tastes sweet. We talked about the food pyramid, including water, fruits and veggies, dairy, meat & seafood. They were sent home with information to read with their parents about what we learned.

The group was so excited to learn they were going to be able to go "behind the scenes" of our produce department, too! It was shivering cold and we learned about composting, and why we keep produce so cold. Moving on to the meat and seafood department, we were lucky enough to have Logan show us a huge, whole salmon! There was an octopus in the case and lots of different shellfish. We watched our Sushi specialists make yummy sushi rolls. We checked out the cheeses and talked about the different kinds of milk that can be used to make both soft and hard cheese.

The next stop was our deli where they saw how we made the sandwiches, burrito bowls and pizza using all the fresh ingredients that customers get to pick out themselves! One of their favorite departments was the bakery. We met Anne, who is one of our cake decorators and talked about how early a lot of our employees come in to make the delicious items and make sure the store looks beautiful.

We finished up the tour with some yummy food. The teams made fresh cheese pizza, berry delicious smoothies, iced sugar cookies and each child was also allowed to pick one fruit to take home in their Vintage Grocers reusable bag! What a great hour it was.

If you are a teacher, a parent of an elementary student or even an adult group that might like to take a tour of our store, we'd love to have you join us! The tours can be personalized to cover a specific topic: heatlhy eating, money exchange, careers, or anything you might think of. Please reach out to Cindy at to schedule your tour. It's all free and we'd love to meet you!

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