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We are committed to finding the freshest, most full-flavored fruits and vegetables in the region

Walking into our produce department is like entering the finest farmers market, chock-full of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and much more. Arrayed before you is a cornucopia of colors, ranging from the speckled red of our fresh-picked strawberries to the deepest green of our leafy selection of gourmet and organic lettuces.

Those hard-to-get specialties you crave

Our produce experts work with local farmers and suppliers to bring you fruit and vegetables harvested at the peak of perfection and delivered as quickly as possible to you. As a result, we can feature the best in seasonal selections as well as those hard-to-get specialties you crave.

We also inspect every crate of produce and remove any with imperfections. Our goal is to present only the freshest, most delectable and visually delightful fruits and vegetables in our produce department. All of us know we need to eat more fruit and vegetables, and our wide selection assures you will be able to find something to please everyone.

Whether it is an heirloom tomato from one of our local growers or a juicy sweet tangerine from Ojai, you’ll be sure to find it in our produce department. Explore such rare offerings as our gourmet mushrooms and discover a wide selection of Asian and other ethnically influenced specialties.

Whatever you’re seeking, know that we are committed to finding the freshest, most full-flavored fruits and vegetables in the region. It’s a commitment you can taste.

One Gun Ranch

At One Gun Ranch, a “cathedral” of nature in Malibu, the beauty is soil deep. Its scrumptious vegetables start with the soil in which they are grown – the ranch’s own compost, known as Super(ior) Soil.

The modern-day farmers at One Gun Ranch use biodynamic principles that produce healthy, mouthwatering food. They sow, plant and harvest according to the moon, sun and planets. They consider the farm itself to be a living organism. As such, they say, all living things on the farm are reused and recycled back into the land.

Only the purest ingredients go into One Gun Ranch’s compost. These ingredients include alfalfa, which brings vital minerals to the mix, and homeopathic preparations, such as yarrow, chamomile, stinging nettle, oak bark, dandelions, horsetail and valerian flowers. These homeopathic preparations are layered into the compost, making it healing and transformative.

Thorne Family Farms

The Thorne Family began farming in Malibu in the late 1930s, operating the renowned Lowe’s Corn Stand in west Los Angeles. Howard Hughes and many other famous people were regular customers, and their sweet corn and melons were served at the historic Brown Derby Restaurant. 

Today, the Thorne Family continues to grow fresh fruit and vegetables on their farm in Zuma Canyon, just a short distance from Vintage Grocers. They provide farm-fresh, healthy produce to the store. You won’t want to miss their specialty – strawberries that are unbelievably tasty, fragrant, vivid in color, thick in texture and juicy beyond belief.