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Meat & Poultry

Natural, healthy and delicious beef, poultry and pork products

Small family farms and gourmet producers deliver natural, healthy and delicious beef, poultry and pork products to our expert butchers who carve the cuts you want.

Raised with compassion and commitment

The men and women at the service meat counter are focused on serving you -- whether you’re hungry for a delicious dry-aged New York steak or a juicy free range turkey.

Free Range, Organic Poultry Raised Humanely Tastes Better

Since 1954, the Pitman Family has been raising juicy free range chickens and turkeys naturally, with plenty of open space on a ranch in sunny California. Mary, the family’s matriarch, is the name on every chicken and turkey because she has studied nutrition and read labels for 25 years, looking for pure products for her family’s health.

Mary’s Free Range and Organic Chickens and Turkeys are fed a 100% vegetarian diet and are antibiotic, hormone and GMO-free. All this produces healthier, happier and tastier chickens and turkeys. To ensure the highest quality, their chickens are air-chilled, saving water and retaining the “real” chicken flavor and juices.

100% Grass-Fed Wagyu Beef

Firstlight cattle contain no antibiotics or hormones. The cattle are raised humanely, sustainably and without the use of GMO feed. It is a delicious tasting grass–fed beef, high in Omega’s, CLA’s, Vitamin A and less saturated fat than traditional grain-fed beef.

Pork The Way Nature Intended

Our Compart Duroc is the result of carefully managed pork breeding program. It promises an “all natural”, mouthwatering, rich flavor, with superior tenderness and natural juices.

Increasingly, pork is becoming known as a lean and healthy choice that adapts well to a wide range of recipes. Whether you’re planning to prepare a stuffed pork crown roast to serve as the centerpiece of your holiday table or crispy, thick-sliced, hickory-smoked bacon to accompany a goat cheese omelet, you will find the finest, all-natural pork in our meat department. 

Hormone-Free Angus Beef, Naturally Raised from Aspen Ridge

What “natural” means to us.

  • NEVER using therapeutic or sub-therapeutic antibiotics
  • NEVER using supplemental hormones or growth promotants
  • NEVER feeding cattle any animal by-products

How we take “natural” one step further.

  • Source and age verified Angus genetics
  • A specially formulated 100% vegetarian diet
  • Partnering with family-owned ranches
  • Responsible land management practices
  • Animal handling practices that are Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care, a national non-profit organization created to improve the lives of farm animals.

Simply put, we refuse to make compromises. Quality is grown into our beef, naturally, so our customer's don’t have to worry if they’re selecting the best beef.