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Gourmet Cheese

Our cheeses offer an intense bouquet of aromas, flavors and tradition in every bite

From uncommon cheddar to exotic European masterpieces, we offer a world of flavors in our cheese department. Stop by to try seasonal samplings and today’s cheese selection to pair with wine.

Our cheeses offer an intense bouquet of aromas, flavors and tradition in every bite.

Ask our experienced cheese mongers to recommend a bouquet of cheeses to get your evening started right or add just the right note to the end of the meal. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

More than 200 Gourmet Cheeses From Around the World

Cheese-making is an ancient art that has been perfected through generations of cheese makers. In our passion to offer only the finest food, we seek out the world’s best cheese makers and feature their specialties for your eating pleasure. These cheese makers’ skills, combined with fresh ingredients and time, create the perfectly balanced cheese to feature in your favorite dish or eat alone.

Wondering which cheese to choose for your next special occasion? Ask our knowledgeable cheese mongers. From Asiago to Zamorano, they are experts in choosing just the right cheese for any occasion or food or wine pairing.

World-famous Academia Barilla Cheese

We feature Academia Barilla cheeses, which are renowned for their unmistakable flavor and unmatchable quality. Salt, milk, rennet and time: These are the ingredients that give life to the best Italian cheeses. The secrets of a great wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano or Pecorino are simple: milk from well-raised animals, knowledgeable cheese makers and slow aging.

 No matter which cheese you choose, if it’s Academia Barilla, you can be certain it will be representative of the regions in which it was made and an expression of a specific climate and environment.

Laura Chenel: The First Name in Chèvre

From the early creation of fresh goat cheese on a small Sebastopol farm to its current home in the new state-of-the-art creamery in Sonoma County’s Carneros region, Laura Chenel’s Chèvre has grown along with America’s increasing appreciation of goat milk cheese. From its inception, Laura Chenel’s Chèvre has been acknowledged as America’s first name in chèvre.

Laura Chenel is the recognized pioneer of American goat cheese production. In the late 1970′s and early 1980′s, she established the prototype that allowed numerous new goat cheese makers to flourish.

In 2006 Laura sold the company to the Rians Group, a French family of artisan cheese producers with a commitment to the same level of quality, tradition and artisan technique that Laura herself held.  She was able to choose a successor who would remain true to the spirit of the brand.