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We offer a full selection of products to cater to any food lifestyle

From your favorite breakfast cereal to an exotic blend of specialty spices that is bound to become a family favorite, our grocery department has just what you need for your next meal or celebration.

Malibu Olive Co. dedicated to good food, good health, good life

We pride ourselves on offering the best in locally grown and locally made products. We have a full selection of organic, all-natural, international, Kosher, GMO-free and gluten-free food and products.

Our grocery department also offers your everyday staples, as well as those non-food items you need every day, such as laundry detergent and hand soap. And we use environmentally friendly packaging and products throughout the store. Make us your one-stop grocery store.

Malibu Honey 

Produced from local bees in local hives, Malibu honey is the sweetest treat. Malibu Honey believes that eating locally produced foods is good for your community and good for your health. Malibu honey is completely organic and is not processed in any way. It comes straight from the honeycomb to the jar. 

Olive Oil

Malibu was the inspiration for longtime Malibu resident Robert Jaye and his family to found Malibu Olive Co. to produce and distribute California Organic Super Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The company has 350 olive trees under cultivation and sources specific varietal olives from various California Olive Oil Council producers throughout California.

Sprouted Goodness

Located in the scenic mountains of Southern California, Lark Ellen Farm is nestled in the beautiful Ojai Valley. It is a picturesque setting with snow capped ridges in winter and a carpet of orange and fruit trees on the valley floor. Ojai (pronounced O-hi) has for many years been a mecca for those seeking physical and spiritual health. Even the earliest inhabitants, the Chumash Native Americans, recognized the unique healing and rejuvenating powers of this special place. Over the years both young and old have found their way to this serene and quaint town just a few miles from the sea near Santa Barbara.

At the East end of the valley lies Lark Ellen Farm. A small farm where fresh organic eggs come from healthy and free ranging chickens. Fruit, vegetables and herbs grow in abundance in rich organic soil. It is in this setting where a commitment to good health prevails, that their Grainless Granola was created.

The YES Bar

The YES Bar was born about four years ago in Abigail Wald's kitchen in Laurel Canyon, California. Her younger son had a lot of food sensitivities at the time, as well as a few health challenges, and she found herself constantly having to say "no" to things he wanted to eat. It made me sad, and I vowed right then and there to whip up a treat so delicious, and so healthy that anytime he asked for one, I would be able to say a resounding YES!