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Dairy & Eggs

We stock a wide variety of yogurts, butters, eggs and other dairy products

For most of us, there’s nothing more refreshing and delicious than a tall glass of cold milk. And there’s nothing better for breakfast than a plate of fluffy eggs cooked just right.

Better hens. Better eggs. Better relationships

In our Dairy Department, you’ll find all types of milk, including organic, soy, almond and lactose-free. We stock a wide selection of yogurts, butters and other dairy products, and our egg selection will surprise you.

Visit our Dairy Department and discover European-style and flavored butters, prepared cookie dough, packaged cheese and deli meats and a host of other favorites for your family.

Kaliko Farms: Pastured Eggs from California's Central Coast

Kaliko Farms is committed to growing, raising and selling produce and livestock in a sustainable, organically-modeled, humane manner while being good shepherds of the land, the environment, and the community.  Their objective is threefold:  to educate their customers on the benefits of fresh, full-flavored, non-GMO products, encourage them to buy in-season and close to home, and inspire them to support the small farmer and sustainable model.