Catering Menu


Catering Menu


A wide variety of offerings to help you celebrate

Vintage Grocers offers everything from gourmet cheese and charcuterie platters, to fresh seafood displays and beach-ready picnics. Choose from our menu, or create your own - with the help of our experts. Contact us today.



Half Pan Serves 6-8
Full Pan Serves 10-12

Scrambled Eggs
California cage-free eggs.
Half Pan / $24.99

Scrambled Egg Whites
California cage-free egg whites.
Half Pan / $29.99 Full Pan / $59.99

Loaded Scrambler
Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, seasonal veggies and cheese. (Available with egg whites)
Half Pan / $29.99 Egg White 1/2 Pan / $34.99
Full Pan / $59.99 Egg White Full Pan / $74.99

Breakfast Potatoes
Diced and golden brown breakfast potatoes.
Half Pan / $19.99
Full Pan / $39.99

Herb Roasted Tomatoes
Slow roasted and juicy.
Half Pan / $14.99
Full Pan / $30.99

Old Fashioned Baked Beans
For your breakfast or barbecue.
Half Pan / $29.99
Full Pan / $59.99

Crispy Bacon Strips
Vintage Grocers thick sliced bacon.
Half Pan / $49.99
Full Pan / $99.99

Pork or Turkey Sausage Links
Half Pan / $29.99
Full Pan / $59.99

Breakfast Burritos
Our classic combo burrito includes bacon and pork sausage, eggs, cheese and beans. Veggie burritos also available.
Each / $5.49

Whole Wheat Pancakes
Light and fluffy.
Half Pan Plain / $24.99
Whole Wheat Blueberry / $29.99
Whole Wheat Banana Walnut / $36.99
Full Pan Plain / $49.99
Whole Wheat Blueberry / $59.99
Whole Wheat Banana Walnut / $73.99


Bagel & Cream Cheese Tray
Freshly made bagels with cream cheese. Ask for this week’s selections.
Per Dozen / $23.99

Assorted Cupcakes
Please a crowd with our house made cupcakes. Choose from chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and raspberry.
Per Dozen / $39.99

Brownie Tray
Enjoy these chocolatey treats by the dozen.
Per Dozen / $35.99

Cookie Tray
Bring along our big, chewy cookies to your next picnic or school event. Favorites include chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and classic sugar cookies.
Per Dozen / $14.99

Assorted Mini Tarts
Classic crust with fresh berries and pastry cream.
Per Dozen / $26.99

These delicate French confections are delicious and gluten-free.
Per Dozen / $26.99

Celebration Cake
The perfect end to any celebration. Choose from vanilla or chocolate with vanilla or chocolate buttercream frosting.
Standard 8” Round / $19.99

Custom Cake
Talk to one of our experienced bakers and let us create the perfect cake.
Per Cake / Call for Pricing


Medium Serves 8-12
Large Serves 12-16

Farm Fresh Fruit
Granola and strawberry yogurt dip with juicy grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, and berries.
(selection varies by season).
Medium / $39.99
Large $79.99

Creamy dip is with crisp carrots, celery, jicama, yellow squash, zucchini, grape tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, and bell peppers.
Medium / $59.99 Large / $89.99

Assorted Wraps
Roast beef, classic turkey, and veggie.
Medium / $84.99 Large / $129.99

Assorted Paninis
Vintage's classic Godfather, harvarti chicken, PCH, and caprese panini.
Medium / $95.99 Large / $144.99

Assorted Pretzel Roll Sandwiches
Ham, turkey, roast beef on a fresh pretzel roll.
Medium / $64.99 Large $134.99

Assorted Meat Sampler
Tavern ham, seasoned roast beef, oven roasted turkey, hard salami, cheddar and harvarti cheeses.
Medium / $64.99 Large / $99.99

Cheese and Charcuterie Platter
Italian salami and artisan cheeses garnished with seasonal fresh & dried fruits.
Medium / $59.99 Large / $89.99

Shrimp Cocktail
This classic seafood appetizer is served with a zesty cocktail sauce. (Crab also available)
Medium ( 60 pieces) / $59.99 Large (120 pieces) / $119.99

Assorted Sushi Sampler
Enjoy an assortment of our fresh cut rolls like our California roll, spicy tuna roll, fire tiger roll, and crunchy roll
Medium (45) / $79.99 Large (65) / $119.99



Medium Serves 8-12
Large Serves 12-16

Caesar Salad
This classic is made with romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, and Vintage Grocers croutons. Served with Caesar dressing.
Medium / $24.99 Large / $35.99

Cobb Salad
A favorite made with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, hard-boiled eggs, bacon and Gorgonzola cheese. Served with Danish blue cheese dressing.
Medium / $29.99 Large / $49.99

Spinach Salad
Fresh baby spinach, tomatoes, red onion, hard-boiled eggs, and bacon. Served with honey poppyseed dressing.
Medium / $30.99 Large / $46.99

Asian Cabbage Salad
Asian cabbage, green onions, toasted almonds, shredded carrots, crisp wontons, and cilantro. Served with a sesame vinaigrette.
Medium / $16.99 Large / $35.99

Thai Noodle Salad
Asian noodles dish, crisp cabbage, green onions, carrots, and a zesty peanut dressing.
Medium / $29.99 Large / $59.99

Vegan Krunch Salad
Crisp broccoli, soy bacon, dried cherries, cashews, and carrots, topped with an agave dressing.
Medium / $24.99 Large / $37.99

Cranberry Couscous Salad
Toasted Israeli couscous, dried apricots, dried cranberries, toasted almonds, and green onions.
Medium / $36.99 Large / $73.99

Lemon Pepper Pasta Salad
Farfalle pasta, spinach, grilled chicken, in a tangy and creamy lemon pepper dressing.
Medium / $34.00 Large / $69.99

Caprese Pasta Salad
Orzo pasta, heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, red onion, and torn basil, all tossed in a balsamic glaze.
Medium / $29.99 Large / $59.99

Krispy Kale Salad
Kale, garbanzo beans, sun dried tomatoes, and shredded carrots. Finished with an agave vinaigrette.
Medium / $29.99 Large / $44.99

Add grilled chicken, blackened chicken, bay shrimp, or steak to any salad $7.99/ $10.99


Half Pan Serves 6-8
Full Pan Serves 10-12

Orange Chicken
All white meat chicken in a zesty Mandarin orange sauce.
Half Pan / $49.99
Full Pan / $99.99

Grilled Salmon
Lightly seasoned and grilled.
Half Pan / $79.99
Full Pan / $119.99

Chicken or Beef Asada Kabobs
Per Dozen / $134.99

Green Chile Chicken Meatballs
In creamy enchilada sauce.
Half Pan / $59.99
Full Pan / $119.99

Turkey Bolognese
Fresh ground turkey, Vintage Grocers homemade Marinara and Parmesan cheese.
Half Pan / $34.99 Full Pan / $69.99

Whole Grilled Tri-Tip
Served with a side of horseradish cream sauce.
Each / $29.99
(average 2.5 lbs.)

Chicken Tenders
All white meat chicken in a crispy batter.
Half Pan / $32.99
Full Pan / $65.99


Half Pan Serves 6-8
Full Pan Serves 10-12

Jasmine Rice
Half Pan-White $12.99 Brown $14.99
Full Pan- White $25.99 Brown $29.99

Vegetable Fried Rice
Half Pan / $19.99
Full Pan / $39.99

Seasoned Potato Wedges
Thickly cut and served with a zesty sriracha ketchup.
Half Pan / $19.99
Full Pan / $39.99

Creamy Mac and Cheese
Cheddar cheese and cream sauce with shell pasta.
Half Pan / $24.99
Full Pan / $49.99

Roasted Broccoli
Seasoned and roasted with a squeeze of lemon.
Half Pan / $19.99
Full Pan / $39.99

Haricot Verts
Tossed with toasted almonds and shallots.
Half Pan / $19.99
Full Pan / $39.99

Sautéed Vegetables
Seasonal vegetables sautéed with olive oil.
Half Pan / $19.99
Full Pan / $39.99

Old Fashioned Baked Beans
For your breakfast or barbecue.
Half Pan / $29.99 Full Pan / $59.99


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